Giving it Welly

Is it possible to be enthusiastic or style conscious about Wellington boots? We can wax lyrical over several brands of men’s shoes, but a pair of “wellies”? There seems to be an almost inevitable evolution from the shiny blue or red boots of our childhood, to the black “Dunlop” boots of dubious comfort in our middle teens, and ending, eventually, with something green – possibly a pair of Hunters.

But there is, in our view, a pinnacle to this journey, in the shape of Le Chameau. These boots feature a full length side zip, ending the comical two-person struggle to de-boot at the end of a muddy walk. The boots are also leather lined for comfort, and (let’s face it) a touch of luxury, which means that they are comfortable enough to wear all day long, and stylish enough to wear to a polo match.

What’s more, with the zip undone they have the same casual elegance as a proper bow tie dangling from a dress shirt at the end of an evening. And even if they’re not the cheapest boots on the market, they may well be the last pair you ever need to buy. Good economical sense as well as style – what could be better in these troubled times?

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