Cash Call

Wallets have always been a contentious issue when it comes to style. Take this classic exchange from the Seinfeld episode The Peephole:

Kramer showing Jerry the contents of his pocket
Kramer: Nobody carries wallets anymore. I mean, they went out with powdered wigs. Yeah, see here’s what you need. Just a couple of cards and your bankroll. See, keep the big bills on the outside.
Jerry: That’s a five.

The problem with a wallet is that it ruins the cut of your jacket or trousers, especially if it is one the size of George Costanza’s. Ideally if you are wearing black tie it might be best to either go without a wallet or carry a more compact money clip. Of course, if you are Scottish you can just drop it all in your sporran. There are wallets, however, which are designed to stay slim and not give you a bad back or bulge.

Our two favourites are:

1) The LiteFold TL2 ultralight wallet – this 8 gram miracle is made of the same material used in spinnakers – ripstop nylon, which makes it super light and super thin.

2) The All-Ett International Wallet – this is available in either leather or spinnaker cloth, and allows you to carry cards and cash without dragging you down

If we do opt to travel with a money clip, we prefer the type which allows you to carry cards and cash together. The Slim Clip fits the bill perfectly in that respect. The ultra thin stainless steel clip uses double-sided grip tight clips that securely hold both cash on one side and credit cards on the other.

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