Bespoke Shirts via Body Scan

We like our fine clothing here at the Guide to Style. We like it even more when it fits well. That is especially true when it comes to shirts. Many suppliers, including one of our favourites, Charles Tyrwhitt, like to offer slim fit or tailored fit options, but nothing beats custom made shirts.

We also like our technology, and MTailor is a new startup that combines uses technology to build a custom made shirt. You simply download the MTailor app, scan yourself so it can take your measurements, and submit them via the app. 3-4 weeks later your custom made shirt arrives in the post.

The process is simple, and they still allow you to tweak those measurements, both via the app, by allowing additional room in one of the cuffs for a watch, for example, but also by contacting them directly. We like our shirts with an additional inch on the sleeve, and MTailor happily catered to this.

The resulting shirts arrived and the results were very good. The shirts fit perfectly, the materials were great, and at about $70 per shirt not too expensive for a fully custom fit option. We give MTailor our seal of approval.

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