Don’t Miss Out! Look Sharp and Suave This Valentine’s Day

You might not be into the clichés – the flowers, the chocolates or the presents – but regardless of whether you enjoy Valentine’s Day or not, getting the girl you have been thinking of for the last few days, weeks or months is something you are definitely into.

Good manners, sense of humour and a smile are all things that will grab the attention of that girl, but let’s face, your fashion sense is the first thing that will create her impression of you, so it is safe to say that your style is important to getting that girl.

Whether you choose to wear a well-fitted suit or a great pair of denim and a shirt, the clothes should fit you well and accentuate rather than worsen your body shape. But how can you stand out amid a crowd of men wearing suits and well-styled denim? Well, the five follow fashion pieces are sure to help you create a sharp and suave image to stand out in a crowd.

Rock knitwear

Nothing says cozy and soft like knitwear – it is the fashion piece everyone wants to touch and cozy up to so it is the perfect clothing item to suggest getting closer. Rather than going for frumpy knits however, choose knitwear that looks rich by going for dark wintry colours like emerald green or burgundy and wear knitwear that is fitted to your body and not too loose. You can easily wear knitwear with jeans and a shirt or paired with a suit, to be rocked for lunch dates or evening ones.

Accessorize well

Don’t be quick in putting on the first thing you see in your closet and then walk out the door. Most women notice your fashion choices and accessories prove you have put some effort into your style. You don’t have to go overboard with accessories and you don’t have to break the bank, you just need to find what suits your style and makes you look sleek and more elegant. Go for a timeless watch if you prefer to go traditional or an ear stud if you are still young at heart. You can also go for something more personalized like custom made cufflinks or custom socks to show that you put effort in the tiniest of details.

Wear a bow tie

There is this general impression that men should only wear bow ties for evening events but it is such a waste to limit this bold fashion piece for very few occasions. A bow tie is a great way of showing how confident you are in your sense of fashion and it is quite the conversation starter! Rock a bow tie with a shirt and pants for a lunch date in a bold colour and you’ll find more people are likely to smile at you, just because you are wearing one quirky fashion accessory.

Don’t forget the shades

It may be rude to keep your sunglasses on when you are speaking to a girl but sunglasses are perfect to exude confidence when you are walking into a room or walking towards that girl – even if insecure eyes may be hiding behind those lenses. This said, investing in a great pair of sunglasses that suit your face will surely help create that suave impression you are going for.

The shoes, the shoes!

If you think women’s obsession with shoes is a myth, then think again, because most women will look at your shoes first, before anything else. Whether you go for brogues or sneakers; loafers or classic formal shoes, make sure they look polished and sleek because they will be the first to do the talking.

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