A Stylish Heist

How often is it that a remake of a stylish movie is even more stylish than the original? That is certainly the case with the Thomas Crown Affair.

We can say without reservation that we are big fans of Steve McQueen, especially in his role in the original movie, but the casting in the remake is genius – Pierce Brosnan as the bored millionaire playboy and elegant art thief, and Rene Russo as the insurance investigator who is all smouldering sexuality and style. Directed by John McTiernan (of Die Hard fame), this is one smart and sophisticated movie.

The backdrops are sumptuous, the cat and mouse plot is clever (leaving the audience guessing until the end), and the soundtrack provides some unconventional pieces which only contribute to the overall feel. As a study in style it is a success, and although it could be accused of lacking substance, it is definitely worth watching more than once, even if it is just to admire Russo lighting up the screen.

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