Style in the Movies

In the first of a number of posts detailing style in the movies, we start with a classic from 1960 – the original Ocean’s 11. Yes, it has been remade (some would say even more stylishly), but there is still a place in our hearts for the original.

In terms of plot, it wasn’t particularly complex (but it did have a twist at the end). But the four key cast members – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Peter Lawford (aka the “Rat Pack”) – were the epitome of cool in 1960. Lawford is at his sophisticated best, Sinatra (one of the biggest stars of the day) is self assured, Dean Martin is laid back, and Sammy sings a great song “EE-O-ELEVEN”. None of them need to try too hard, but that’s because they don’t have to. They remain stylish, suave and gentlemanly, even as they give everyone from builders to CEOs a heart attack when they accidentally “lose” the money (as not to give away the fantastic twist).

It’s not the best movie of all time, it’s not even the best heist movie of all time – the key to this movie is the fact that it captures everything that was considered cool at the onset of the 1960’s – and in that respect it’s worth watching.

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