Storage with Style

When it comes to technology, there isn’t really much going on that’s stylish outside the Apple camp. And when it comes to storage solutions, there isn’t really much going on that’s stylish at all.

That is where the Drobo comes in. Firstly, the form factor is very slick. It hides all the technology behind a cool dark exterior reminiscent of something from the Bang & Olufsen school of design. And when it comes to the technology, it’s a very classy solution – simple and effective, without overwhelming the user. It’s what we would call “redundant storage for idiots”. That’s a good thing – believe us. And when you hook it up to your equally stylish MacBook Pro, the integration with Apple’s Time Machine software is seamless.

In truth, it could possibly be one of the only storage solutions you would want to have on display. (We only say possibly).

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