Storage Style II

We have previously lauded the Drobo for being one of the most stylish storage solutions available. It is about as sleek, sophisticated and easy to use as a piece of technology can get. Recently, however, we came across the ioSafe Solo.

If the Drobo is the Pierce Brosnan of storage, the ioSafe would more likely be Ranulph Fiennes. Sir Ranulph, an ex-SAS officer, was shortlisted for the role of James Bond but then turned down after famed producer Cubby Broccoli told him “your hands are too big and you’ve got a face like a farmer” (according to an interview on the BBC’s “Top Gear”). So he may not be the most stylish man alive, but he sure is durable, having survived countless adventures on both poles as well as every point in between. The ioSafe is much the same – it doesn’t look that great, having similar style to most regular pieces of technology (silver – check, flashing lights – check). However, when it comes to protecting your data it certainly fits the bill, being fireproof, waterproof and crushproof (as demonstrated on the BBC). For that we can forgive the appearance, because, much like Sir Ranulph, actions speak louder than words, and the ioSafe proves that it can perform in the most extreme conditions. To put it simply, there is no better way for a gentleman to protect his digital memories and other important data.

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