Mad Style

The early 1960’s were stylish. The clothes were stylish, the cars were stylish – and the TV show epitomising that style is AMC’s Mad Men. Hell, even the opening credits are cool.

Mad Men tells the story of 1960’s advertising executives on Madison Avenue (hence the “Mad”) in New York. The lead character, Don Draper, is a cool, slick talker who has a way with the women. His wife, Betty Draper, is a Grace Kelly lookalike. The entire cast dresses well, the plot is excellent, and even the lighting is stylish.

Mad Men also illustrates society in the early 1960’s – from the constant cigarette smoking to the whole changing social structure and male/female dynamics.

Mad Men is possibly one of the best shows on television, with the awards to match. And it’s combination of plot and style earns it our Recommended Seal of Approval. If you haven’t seen it, go and rent Season One on DVD now.

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