The Gentlemen’s Guide to Wearing a Suit

Find all the suit wearing essentials you need to know in this handy guide for the modern gent from menswear specialist, Psyche. Looking effortlessly good takes practice, so take heed of these style rules to get noticed in your personal and professional life.

Your jacket:

The ‘sometimes, always, never’ rule applies to the top, middle and bottom buttons of your suit jacket.

Single breasted suit

The most common type, and a staple in most wardrobes. The SB can be dressed up with a peak lapel and gives many options in terms of pattern and colour.

Double breasted suit

The DB is a statement in itself, so stray away from loud patterns and thick pinstripes, always keeping your jacket buttoned – even when sitting.

How to fold a pocket square:

1. Lay your pocket square flat and pinch the middle as you pick it up.

2. Tuck in the sides as in the diagram. This may take a few attempts to get it perfect.

3. With one hand holding the pocket square, use the other to gather it closed.

4. Now gather up the bottom of the pocket square and place it carefully into your suit pocket.

Your shirt and tie:

Always buy a fitted dress shirt – even if you are not male model skinny. Drowning in material is not a look you want to go for.

Knowing your neck size and arm length is the key to the well-fitting dress shirt.

Tie Length

The tip of your tie should always meet your beltline.

Tie Bars

Tie bars are made to be worn between the third and fourth button hole of your shirt.

The four-in-hand is the only tie knot you need to know. Add a dimple for that perfect finishing touch.

Your trousers:

Suit trousers are the base of your look. They should sit at the top of your hip bones, just below your

navel. The aim is to have some drape, without the look of having large or loose trousers.

Your footwear:

The Oxford shoe is ideal for all suited occasions. Brown shoes are a great way to take down the formality of a suit.

Try to make sure your socks match or complement your trousers – this will lengthen the appearance of your leg.

Trainers/sneakers are, on the whole, a no-no – unless you’re David Tennant.

Celebs On-Trend for 2014

A classic style with a modern twist

Neil Patrick Harris

An ideal balance of dressed-up, minus the stuffiness, in this perfectly tailored burgundy jacket and grey trousers.

The tuxedo

Daniel Craig

This classic look continues to impress, incorporating the upcoming monochrome trend. Simple yet effective, this two piece tuxedo fits Craig like a dream.

Making a statement

Idris Elba

Not many men could pull off a blue suit with a fuchsia tie and pocket square, but Idris makes it look effortless. His bold colour choice sets him in good stead for next season’s orange trend.

Casual tailoring

Tinie Tempah

By losing the shirt and opting for a t-shirt, Tinie shows how to take things in a casual direction without sacrificing on style.

The three piece suit

Ryan Gosling

Having mastered the three piece long ago, Gosling takes it to the next level with a little brown number paired with a black satin tie.

The double breasted suit

Chris Pine

Proving that double breasted suits are no longer just for the geriatric, Chris Pine nails the look with an orange tie.

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