5 Tips to Help You Grow a Better Beard

If you want to grow an amazing beard it’ll take a little more than time and patience. You’ve probably seen these guys with glorious manly manes and maybe wish you could sport something similar. There are some factors at play that you can do yourself to grow a better beard.

Take advantage of what you can and you’ll see a pleasant result in the outcome. Although growing a beard has a whole lot to do with genetics here’s some tips to move things along.

Make the Commitment

Don’t allow yourself to sway away from your choice to grow a beard. There’s going to be some uncomfortable times ahead, especially in the beginning. You’re going to need to fight off beard itch, possibly beard dandruff, and even a phase of “hobo beard” (i.e. the unmanaged growing phase).

During the growing phase, all you want to do is focus on the growth. Don’t trim the beard and stop yourself from touching it often. Give nature time to do its thing and grow. If you need a little help growing a beard, there are products such as beard supplements that can assist you.

Natural Health

Having a good diet plays a large role in your body’s ability to grow a beard. Eating a diet rich in proteins will help your beard grow. Aim to eat eggs, fish, or even a handful of almonds every day.

Exercise plays another large role. Facial hair benefits from testosterone, the male hormone responsible for developing male reproductive tissues such as testis and prostate. When you exercise, your body produces more testosterone. A regular exercise routine at least 3 days a week will produce significant benefits for your ability to grow a beard.

Additionally, refraining from masturbation for 7 days can increase your testosterone levels by nearly 50%!

Create the Right Environment

I’m talking about the environment on your face. It’s important to keep your face clean. The best recommendation is to clean your face twice a day to encourage hair growth. You’re essentially exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oils.

A clean face plus the small massage your giving your cheeks stimulates hair growth. If you’re having trouble with acne or have a patchy beard, you’ll benefit from using Minoxidil. It’s essentially Rogaine for your beard. It’s also very cheap and comes in a 6-month supply. Most guys experience hair growth from using this.

Already Seeing Some Results?

Once you’re seeing some results and your beards coming in it’s time to give it a boost. Grab yourself a good beard oil and start using it. It’s cheap and doesn’t take much each application. You’ll only need 2 or 3 drops each use.

The best time to apply beard oil is right after taking a warm shower. Hot water can dry your beard out, cause brittle beard, and it removes the natural oils.

Beard oil helps replace the natural oils you lost. It’s the best choice I ever made for my beard and I was very skeptical in the beginning. Now I wouldn’t ever go without using it!

Maintain the Beard

Beards aren’t a set and forget it system. They take maintenance and proper grooming. Once you’ve got some beard length and reached a prolonged phase of “hobo beard” that we mentioned in the beginning, it becomes time to trim.

Trimming your beard will put you in style and it’ll cut the dead ends off allowing more beard growth. It’s a win-win situation that’ll make sitting through the growth phase worth it.

Before You Go!

I hope you enjoyed our tips to grow a better beard. Thanks for reading!

Author Bio: Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A site for men, beards, and manscaping. For more from him, like this article reviewing the Parker 24C Safety razor, visit his website or like iManscape on Facebook.

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