Shaving Secrets

Shaving is an art, and there are a number of secrets which can help you get the most out of your shave. Here are some of our recommendations:

The key to a good shave is to open your pores. Using warm water to open your pores means that your shave will be easier – and your stubble will also be softened by this process. Warm water will also help wash away any dead skin and dirt which may cause drag and snag your razor.

Get a Good Razor
A barber in Edinburgh used to advise against the use of a cut-throat razor. “Why not use the best tool for the job?” he would say, and go on to recommend any modern razor. Our preferred tool for shaving is the Gilette Fusion Power. The five blade technology with the additional trimming blade for sideburns and hard-to-reach spots is undoubtedly the best shave you can get. Yes, those blades are pretty darn expensive, but as long as you dry the blades thoroughly after shaving they will last.

Shaving gels and foams help soften the hair and skin making the razor slide over easy for the least amount of damage. These products can be applied with a shaving brush, or rubbed on by hand. We find that a shaving brush can irritate senstive skin, so prefer the manual method. The best shave gel we have found is made by Clinique. Their M Shave Aloe Gel really works well at providing a smooth shave, and the aloe helps soothe razor burn.

Shaving Direction
The two major banes of shaving are razon burn and ingrown hairs. The key to avoidance is to make sure your blade is sharp, and to shave in the direction of hair growth. This reduces the chances of burn and ingrown hairs.

Post-shave routine
First of all, splash your face with cold water – that will close the pores and prevent dirt from getting in. Next, dab your face with a towel rather than rubbing it dry. Finally, moisturize to calm any irritations and hydrate your skin.

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