Ten Style

There is no secret that we like a stylish beverage. Even more so when the container is a work of art itself. So is the case with the latest version of Tanqueray No. Ten.

Jeremy Scott, the renowned American designer known for his bold style, has been given the job of dressing the elegant and iconic bottle of Tanqueray No. Ten gin for the UK.

Scott has infused the classic world of Tanqueray No. Ten with his own vision, producing a captivating design for the new limited-edition packaging that will now encase the signature green bottle of the luxury gin.

Scott’s sleek, geometric black casing, has been designed to perfectly clothe the angled design of the Tanqueray No. Ten bottle, reinforcing the air of sophistication that surrounds the spirit itself. However, the box opens to reveal a jazzy and extravagant print of olives and cocktail glasses, representing the glamour of the martini cocktail, but with an infusion of Scott’s own signature style.

And what’s more, the liquid inside is still as luscious as ever. Bartender, another G&T please…

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